How so, That man would teach man how to speak on behalf of the Spirit? Not true, not true, absolutely not true. What manner of presumption has infected our minds to assume ourselves fit to make our own order of things as we speak. Holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, is the statement. If you seek to go up and speak, it is very likely you should not. In the occasion of our desire to speak we are mostly compelled by the pride of the spotlight, look upon me is the word of the heart although he would so stubbornly deny it. Yea, teaching with his fingers, shouting and making vain repetitions of expression, an act of “eloquent” speech which in truth is just mere act and stale with falsehood flavors; showing henceforth in truth a complete lack of self-control and the absence of the Spirit from his regard. Doug Batchelor is on of prime example as to how the Holy Spirit would guide one to speak. Orderly and structured, yet in the same not of his own imagination and in submission to the guiding of the Spirit at ever point. Even in Doug’s personal approach they themselves are guided to bring light to the scriptures. For the exaltation of our Lord God Almighty is his every thought. So likewise he would say Jesus never taught any how they should preach. What do I mean to say with all this? Well, simply this, there is no teacher but God alone: in this we understand the vast number of professed teachers who in truth seek their own exaltation. O do I pray for the church in its so corrupt state as it is today in the 21st century. Men so foolishly pride themselves in vanity of marring the gospel of Christ, “but I am an anointed of God” they even so dare to say. “Doth a fountain both yield sweet water and bitter.” (James 3:11) In the same manner can men in pride only bring forth stained words and filthy blasphemy. I dare say I’ve heard one of these have the audacity in stating that “Jesus was a charismatic preacher.” O did my anger flare up at such a blatant lie, God only to keep me in line after hearing such foolishness. All the more foolish as the people affirm with an amen. I pray, dearly I do, that we might be in Christ. The Father our every praise, the Word is our trust, the Spirit our guide.



 The unity between the three persons of God is expressed in scriptures to be both separate but in the same simultaneously there is no distinction between them but there is a distinction between them. The Son is, yes, the Son, but He is, also the Father, and the Spirit, vice versa. In language conceivable to man this is a paradox; in the same manner a paradox although explained, cannot be understood. So is the mystery revealed to us that trust in Christ and confess Him as Lord having been gifted consciousness of His Love, which is truly even still a mystery, an unending perpetual glorifying of His infinite and so lovely character. “…yea, he is altogether lovely…” (Song of Solomon 5:16)


And in these days brethren of Gods elect, we cling to one another, we with deep need of our familiar in Christ by the good faith of the true saints that bring union in doctrine through the Spirit. We look to one another with our faces weary, cut, and bruised. Having been lost from eachother in the great chaotic battles of these perilous times which sought to consume us whole and keep us divided. So very few of us we look across the piles of corpses which once were our close companions, yet all have perished by rain of fiery arrows which so non-stop continue to fall in quick succession, and we see but a faint siluet of our dear fellow in the distance. Crying out, “Hear me my brother! Here!!! I still live!” Tears of rejoicing for but two stand to endure the coming waves.

“Sister help, my arm is weak, my sheild falls.”

and so reponding, “I will help thee cover my brother, stand close beside me.”

Likewise we depend on our loving God to shelter us and preserve His breath within us. So the importance that we understand the fearful truth of all which has been foretold. So narrow the way, very few who find it. How then are we to despise our own? How be it that there would be so easy a conflict between two war partners who would die without the other? Seek and ye shall find, indeed it shall be opened to you, for once David was young and then he was old, none will be plucked from His hand.


Such is the foolishness of man. That the attempt of making sense of him in his own righteousness, would cause one’s mind to twist and writhe in agony. No purpose, no structure, completely devoid of reasoning is what is right in his own eyes. God only to enlighten such a man given over to evil. Only the Lord would turn a heart of stone to flesh and cleanse such manner of pollution. Yea, only our Lord so merciful is capable of this.


Humility, I am so humble that all I say must be acknowledged. Ah, but you see my hypocrisies are exposed. Even the mere mention of ones humility goes in hand with pride. How then do we serve God with all humility? The answer is this, never of our selves is such a thing feasible. Never can we dare to say “my humility.” For even in our last days as Charles Spurgeon would have it, we are still unworthy after our greatest acts of humility have been achieved. It’s true that humility can be outwardly seen, but God weighs the hearts and convicts us accordingly. We return to ourselves in deep reflection, sorrowful for where we have fallen short. If any would say there is no sin in me, he is a liar. Indeed so there is no light in those who tell themselves I have done all good this day the morrow will be even more exceptional. I pray thee beloved, afflict yourselves to reflect upon your short comings that your eyes at times would not even behold our Lords feet, that His immense Grace and boundless mercies might overflow you. Be blessed in Christ our coming redeemer, amen.


Brethren, let not or eyes shut upon sin. If we continue to turn ourselves from our duties to guide, we in-turn go blind as well and lose our way. Should we then guide having no vision of our own: woe and pray for the healing of your sight lest we all trip into abyss. Repent I say to you therefore, and see Grace.


He has brought light and illuminated our steps while we walk with dependence in His Love. God our Father has exposed us, that we might fall to His feet and find His grace. As it were a pot in the hand of the Alfarero. Our old selves are broken to pieces and made dust. We are brought water, purified, then mixed with new clay. After these, He sets us upon a stool that He may mold us into a new vessel and made accordingly to each purpose. In this same manner we are brought to good works to each its dedicated position in the body that is the church. So that all good things might be in truth and loving peace.